Saturday, January 16, 2010

Friday, December 18, 2009

Floating the Green

Last June Bryce, Isobel and I floated the Green River for three days.  We traveled the section that's just upriver from Canyonlands.  Here's some pics.  If it's too many for one post, pretend like this is two posts and read the second half tomorrow.

I didn't mean to take this video, but it's a good preview of the picture after it.

 Here's our first camping spot.

One of my favorite things about this trip was going around bends like the one in this picture while lying down and looking straight up at the huge cliffs towering over us as they slowly drifted past (the cliffs got much bigger than this one).

There were quite a few side canyons where we could paddle up a small creek for a ways and do a little exploring.

Most of this trip was a nice peaceful float... which is quite the change from our usual adventures when we get together.

Of course, we did get out and hike some...

The following two picture were taken from the same spot - if I remember right, I didn't even move my feet.

This section we floated on day 2...

and this section we floated on day 3.

See the notch just below the cliff on the right side of this next picture?  That's where the last two pictures were taken from.  This picture was taken the next day and nine miles later.
(Bryce, do you remember the river miles... I just made that number up)

If none of what I've just said makes sense, look at this picture... from SPACE.
(no, I didn't take this one)

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If you can't see the geese, click to embiggen.

One of the coolest things about this trip was the wildlife.  We saw quite a few groups of geese and some blue herons.  There were millions of cicadas chirping in the trees plus the ones floating down the river with us.  And there were billions of mosquitoes.  They didn't follow you into the river, but once you got on shore, oh man.  And there were tons of bats feasting.  They were really cool, circling around us and diving right at Bryce's face.

Alright Bryce, there's the pictures, it's your job to tell the stories and make people realize how cool the cicadas were.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Monday, July 13, 2009

Best. Fireworks. Ever.

Check out the fireworks show I got to watch this year.

And here's the Grand Finale. Don't worry, I only caught on fire a little bit.

P.S. The reason I got to watch this is because I work with a girl (Kasidy) who's dad helps with Montpelier's fireworks, and she invited mean' Lisa to go watch with her.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A light in the dark

Here's some night photos I've taken over the past several years.

Trevor's 4th birthday

I love how you can see where the car braked because some idiot was standing in the middle of the road at 2:44 in the morning (yes, it was as cold as it looks).

I'm really glad I didn't burn down the haystack when I was taking these pictures.

I took this picture.
That's basically another way of saying I'm awesome.

This picture is of Montpelier from M hill. I just turned off the flash on my point and shoot and scanned across the valley.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Everyone else is stuck in a meeting, but I'm not...

Hey all,

I'm starting a blog (obviously). My main reason for starting this is to show off my photography, so here's some photos.

The other day I was stuck at the Questa Ranger District offices in New Mexico while Mom, Dad, Bryce, and Eva were in a host meeting (yes, not even Eva would come play with me), so why'll they were all being boring, I put my macro lense on my camera and went and took these pictures.

Best. Picture. Evar.

Ants are a pain to take pictures of - little buggers won't hold still.

There was this little canal that was only about 2 feet across, and there were tons of spiders sitting on the webs they had spanning this canal. I even saw one eating a fly... unfortunately that was while my camera was locked in the car.

Eva... after the meeting was over.

The day before I took these pictures I watched Harold and Maude, so this quote was fresh on my mind:

Maude: "What flower would you like to be?"
Harold: "I don't know. One of these, maybe."
"Why do you say that?"
"Because they're all alike."
"Oooh, but they're not. Look. See, some are smaller, some are fatter, some grow to the left, some to the right, some even have lost some petals. All kinds of observable differences. You see, Harold, I feel that much of the world's sorrow comes from people who are this, [she points to a daisy] yet allow themselves be treated as that [she gestures to a field of daisies].